NV’s Empowered Support Staff include Linda & Cam C, Susan, Gerda, Shelley M

Nancy V Rosychuk – Owner


Nancy V Rosychuk is the owner of NV Fashions at Lakeview Plaza. She was born and raised in Montreal, and was initiated into the world of retail through Eaton’s. With a total of 35 years in sales and retail; Nancy’s passion for fashion makes her an exceptional wardrobe consultant and personal fitting specialist.


Linda McKendry – Merchandising Consultant

My name is Linda McKendry and I am a professional Merchandising Consultant. My speciality is consulting, instructing, public speaking and writing on the Science and Art of Merchandising and Display as it applies to Point of Purchase.

I was introduced to Nancy at a Fashion Trade Show, where she bought a copy of my second book. I was approached to help her re-design and upgrade the store at Lakeview Plaza. The transformation was profound and the project brought in fresh traffic. I continued working for NV as her Display Consultant and Advertising Coordinator which is applying hands-on merchandising, and using my commercial graphic arts to make signs.

At NV Fashions, the windows and in-store feature displays are changed frequently, and usually more often as the displays sell the collections and accessories!



Kayleigh Davidson – Social Media Coordinator

My name is Kayleigh Davidson, I am the social media coordinator for NV Fashions. I’ve been a member of the NV Family for six years now, and it’s been amazing! I believe in the ideals of NV Fashions by “Empowering Women Through Fashion.” Even though we are small, we leave a lasting impression on our customers.


Helen – Customer Consultant

As a premier customer at NV Fashions; I was so impressed with the customer service, quality collections, and personalized service; that I applied for a job here and was hired!

I have been empowering women of all ages, sizes and shapes; through exemplary customer service, for the past 2 and a half years.

I especially love to wardrobe our customers and accessorize her for a ‘top to bottom’ complete look!.