Nancy Rosychuk – Owner

Nancy Rosychuk is the owner of NV Fashions at Lakeview Plaza.

Born in Montreal, Canada’s clothing capital, it’s no surprise that talented stylist and image empowerment expert Nancy Rosychuk would turn her own passion for fashion into a lifelong profession.

Having gained a wealth of knowledge in fabrics and quality garment construction, this dynamic entrepreneur excelled in her industry. Nancy’s expertise led her to concurrently managing three boutique locations, along with overseeing warehouse operations and serving as their fashion buyer.

Nancy achieved her ultimate dream of store ownership when she opened Calgary’s NV Fashions, a name that stands for superlative customer service. Now, the thriving focal point for the style-savvy, NV Fashions features and eclectic mix of name brand collections and fresh upcoming trends, leaving no doubt that the gifted Nancy Rosychuk is and unstoppable force in fashion empowerment.

Linda McKendry – Merchandising Consultant

My name is Linda McKendry and I am a professional Merchandising Consultant. My speciality is consulting, instructing, public speaking and writing on the Science and Art of Merchandising and Display as it applies to Point of Purchase.

I was introduced to Nancy at a Fashion Trade Show, where she bought a copy of my second book. I was approached to help her re-design and upgrade the store at Lakeview Plaza. The transformation was profound and the project brought in fresh traffic. I continued working for NV as her Display Consultant and Advertising Coordinator which is applying hands-on merchandising, and using my commercial graphic arts to make signs.

At NV Fashions, the windows and in-store feature displays are changed frequently, and usually more often as the displays sell the collections and accessories!

Kayleigh Davidson – Social Media Coordinator/Customer Consultant

My name is Kayleigh Davidson, I am the social media coordinator for NV Fashions. I’ve been a member of the NV Family for over 10 years, and it’s been amazing! I could not have asked for a better mentor and surrogate mother than Nancy Rosychuk. She has taught me everything I know about fashion and being confident! Those are skills that I have been able to pass onto all of my beautiful customers, as well as friends and family.  I truly believe in the ideals of NV Fashions by “Empowering Women Through Fashion.” Even though we are small, we leave a lasting impression on our customers.

Helen – Customer Consultant

As a premier customer at NV Fashions; I was so impressed with the customer service, quality collections, and personalized service; that I applied for a job here and was hired!

I have been empowering women of all ages, sizes and shapes; through exemplary customer service, for the past 2 and a half years.

I especially love to wardrobe our customers and accessorize her for a ‘top to bottom’ complete look!